a few alpaca wool products

Welcome to Alpacas ‘n More Country Store, LLC. We are excited that you found our alpaca store and are confident that you will find many, many alpaca products that will work for you or as gifts for friends and family that are made from alpaca fiber, which is lighter than wool and warmer than cashmere. Even people who have allergies can usually wear alpaca products, as there is no lanolin in alpaca fiber, thus making it naturally hypoallergenic. We have a variety of hats, gloves, socks, sweaters, scarves, stuffed animals and many other alpaca items to choose from.

At this time, our store is only on-line; however, it is situated in beautiful north Idaho outside the small town of Spirit Lake. Alpaca raising is a fairly new adventure and was started after some research. We bought our alpacas from Moose Meadows, and have also bought a lot of their inventory for our on-line store. Our farm name is Spirits Soar Alpaca Farm where we presently have ten adult alpacas, five female alpacas, all pregnant, and five male alpacas, one of whom is gelded. We also have three adorable alpaca crias (babies) that were all born in June 2011.

Alpacas ‘n More Country Store, LLC, is committed to offering quality alpaca products as well as products that are from Spirits Sour Alpaca Farm, such as babies’ breath and pine cones, and some arts and crafts items, including wreaths. As time goes by, we hope to expand, and welcome any ideas anyone has.

We are open to comments and/or suggestions anyone wants to share. Thank you and enjoy!